Interchange / Way Station

Interchange - was a group show that investigated new ways of engaging the viewer as active participant. Interactivity invited the viewer into the "zone" of the artist’s studio, where time is lost and contemplation and sense of productivity are gained. The gallery became an extension of the studio, engaging the public in on-the-spot collaborations. The experiential nature of these interactions connected the community with new ideas ranging from demographics to domestics, play to the self, and natural phenomenon to the urban landscape.

Way Station interactive pieces were my response to the hateful white supremist in the oval office. The Way Station pieces were designed to create a community of like-minded people. These people valued compassion and respect.



Health Care Playbook

This piece was inspired by the passing of the Affordable Care Act. At the time I was certain that it could never happen and was feeling cynical.


Health Care Playbook - The Philips vs. The Flat Heads

ceramic, tape

56"h. x 54"w. x 2"d.



Pieces of What… Series

The Pieces of What… Series - was inspired by the idea of using ambiguous repeated shapes to create unique installations that suggested movement, landscapes, and archetypes.


Pieces of What... Mechanical

ceramic, black tape

63"h. x 120" w. x 2"d.


Pieces of What... Circles

ceramic, black tape

72"h. x 108"w. x 3"d.